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    Mar 16, 2011
    Hello all. This is my first message here so I am hoping this is in the right spot.

    A few weeks back I purchased an R4i (apparently clone?) from PriceAngels. It is the box with Mario on it. Obviously, which I don't understand why, it did not come with any software to run it. Not a problem. Within a few minutes of being on here, I was able to get something that allowed me to run the Nintendo DS and the FlashCart together. What I downloaded came up with 3 options when it booted up (after the initial "main page" the DS comes up with). It had a contact page for the developer or something like that, the option to go and try out games and software, and something else. Once you clicked on one of the icons, it allowed you to play TTDS, and two other options that escape me at the moment. Everything was running fine. I played with things the way they were for a bit. A few days ago, I decided to "investigate" and poof. I had to acquire all the software again. I have no idea what I ended up downloading the first time around. Like I said, it had 3 options for different emulators/flashcart programs. I downloaded something yesterday from here. It has YSMenu 1.17 in it. 6.50 DAT, too. That was yesterday. Previously, I had downloaded Wood, Moonshl, etc. It is not bringing up those 3 options. In fact, it comes up with what appears to be a "shell" type screen where you scroll through the different options instead of point and click. I am able to manually load YSMenu, Wood, Wood WAIO seems to lock up, and a few other things. I don't know if it is the ROMs I have on the card or what, but I continue to get errors. I want to fix this. I want to:

    1. Be able to have a multi-menu come up so I can choose which software I want to run.
    2. Be able to use the ROM files I have.
    3. Be able to see as I am scrolling down the "list" all the different ROM icons as opposed to just a file name of sorts.

    Like I said, I HAD it all working. I am not entirely sure what possessed me to start screwing around with things. I guess the fact I had all these "unknown" files just sitting there that I wanted to see. My main problem is I am getting really, really frustrated. I continue to download files and I either take off something that was working or it gets overwritten. At this point, I would be happy to have SOMETHING that will allow me to use the FlashCart to check out my ROM files. I would prefer something like mentioned above, however. I'd be even happier if it was in ONE file, minus the game ROMs, that I could just download, install, and move on with. But, I can also do it all myself provided I am given the right materials to work with. Please help!
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