Flash2Advance - Battery Replacement

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    I've got an old Flash2Advance [256] cart that I got in 2003 - the battery has been dead for about a year so it won't hold save games anymore - is this replaceable? I've opened up the cart and it looks like I'd break the battery connectors if I try to replace the battery...?

    Anyone know more about this? Gracias!
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    Dec 31, 2003
    Try searching in the archive forum; old posts are moved off the main forum into an archive so most of the information about older carts has wound up in there [​IMG] You can get to it from the homepage (it's in the small menu on the left) or by clicking this convieniently placed link

    A quick search of the flashing hardware section turns up:
    but seeing as I don't even own an F2A you'll probably have more luck picking out the relevant threads and info than I will [​IMG]