Firmware + general psp question.

Discussion in 'PSP - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Armadillo, Dec 25, 2007.

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    Got a slim psp today and stuck 3.71 m33 on it and all is working fine , but have a couple question about it.

    Best no umd setting is the sony one right?. That's what I have it on now and seems to be working fine , but there was another , m33 something.

    I know the custom firmware has the ability to set the psp to 333Mhz or something like that , but if I don't touch anything on the recovery menu , will the psp be stuck at the lower speed or will it just be default? and use what ever the game says to? (god of war uses 333 I think).

    CSO games do these run worse that normal games?. I know they are compressed , but I figured that would just add longer loading times , but my demo of God of war is a cso and seem to stutter a bit when entering new areas where loads of enemies appeared. So not sure if that's just the game or whether it be cause it was compressed.

    Finally , is it just me or does the analog nub hurt. I'm used to playing me DS , but after playing god of war and then killzone on the psp , my thumb was dieing.

    Thanks [​IMG].
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    1. Between the sony ISO loader and M33 loader, they can run about 99% of games with no umd. Best is to just leave a UMD in the drive though. I use my God of War demo.

    2. I don't mess with the CPU too much. Games will dictate what speed to use. PSX is always 333. Certain homebrew emulators can benefit from increased speed as well. Leaving it at default won't hurt.

    3. Certain games run like crap when compressed (the GTA games come to mind), but most run fine if you have a good memory stick.

    4. Yes the analogue nub is poorly designed, and the lack of a second one makes FPS games unbearable IMO.