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  • Anybody have some tips for building the PROCFW source code? It's been giving me all sorts of sas xD

    Also, hope you've all been well ..!/,
    It's been a while:P

    So, I'm using 5.00m33 on one of my TA-85 systems for some nostalgia... I really want to keep it but get the updated Popsloader for PSX compatibility.

    I think I need some project partners because I want to learn a bit and backport popsloader 6.61 to 5.00 🤔 ... is it even possible? Surely, right?
    Still battiling with these transparency issues on .PTF icons.... I really want to get this down pat so I can move onto making themes for other devices as well. :P

    Any help is still appreciated :yaypsp:
    Does anyone have information on theme making for PSP? I need help with transparent backgrounds on my icons. No matter what way I format the icons they seem to show up with black backgrounds instead of the transparent backgrounds :P

    I'm using the latest GIMP and Custom Theme Converter applications :yaypsp:
    I don't know about how PSP handles transparence... but I do know that JPEG pictures doesn't support Transparency values.

    Are you exporting your icons as .png or .ico?
    Oh I'm definitely using the right format- but I think it needs some specific tewaks. I use GIMP and export them as PNG- the icons meet expectations for the Custom Theme Converter but they show up with black backgrounds instead of showing the transparent alpha channels. Thanks for responding to this btw ^_^
    Triple booting a MacBook can be annoying.... but I didn't give up and now I'm confident I can replicate it. :)

    Snappy... very snappy. Core2Duo processors still kick @$$ on certain setups. ^~^
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    Just spending the holidays, doing stuff, dreaming and staying positive as can be. Hope you all are having great holidays yourselves <3
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    Hopefully not positive to COVID or something else 🤔

    Just kidding, I don't know you, but I wish you a terrific holiday.

    Best regards!
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