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    Jan 3, 2011
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    so ive been downloading some files the past few days using firefox and im getting these horrendous drops of speed every so often, i look at the task manager's network usage and it is supposed to stay constant at 2.7%, but it drops leaving no connectivity watsoever every minute. so i decide to look at the graph since it shows a trend and i do a side by side view of my downloading file and the grapho view of how much percentage is being used. i noticed something strange, as soon as i clicked into the task manager window, the connection would slow down, but when i went into the downloads window and made my mouse stay on the green downloading bar, the internet speed would remain constant and regain speed...WTH IS HAPPENING???? i have to leave my mouse pointer on teh downlaoding bar for it to have full speed, if i put my mouse pointer anywhere else, the speed drops to 0%???? mozilla, are you fricken screwing with me???? anyone else have this problem?????????
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    I know how to fix it! It's called "paragraphing."

    On a serious not, possibly because the task manager is reading packets sent from the router.
    Also, It doesn't actually matter your network usage, as your internet speed in only loosely based on network usage.