Final Fantasy Type-0 CWcheat help

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    May 9, 2013
    Is anyone capable of making, or does anyone possibly know of a CWcheat for Type-0 that will let you acquire a certain specific accessoires by choice?

    There are a few select accessoires in Type-0 that I would like to gain, that are otherwise not attainable other than using the SE members site. Which I do use, but it also requires you to buy like 5 other games/soundtracks to be able to acquire all ''stamps'' and gain these ''exclusive'' accessoires.
    Thus, I would like to make use of a cheat that will let me gain this one specific accesoires by the number of times I want. (Which is one, and for another 2)

    Of course there is the ''All Accessoires x50'' cheat, but I do not want ALL accessoires.
    I tried selling the accessoires I didn't want and the accessoires I had too much of, but a lot of accessoires aren't sellable, considering you can't regain them. Including the accessoires I want, but I don't want those 50 times either.

    A CWcheat that will allow you to discard a certain amount of certain accessoires would be nice too, but that might be a lot harder.
    I tried making it myself, but to no avail.

    Anyone that can help, thank you in advance.