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  1. gbatempistheworstsiteever

    gbatempistheworstsiteever Newbie

    Dec 21, 2016
    I just wanted to point out the relevance of video portion of Filetrip and how I've always liked it ever since it's creation!
    I'd like to just give a shoutout to the videos all you tempers enjoyed the most:
    Copied from


    IRP Sene Songe
    Format: MP4 Views: 1209740 Downloads: 16

    This is some sort of small electronic music piece that sounds like it was made off of Ableton or FL Studio.


    wow, you just have to fuck everything up, dont u
    Format: MP4 Views: 432792 Downloads: 1

    This is a short clip of some guy interrupting a short recording of a fair.


    Innovation Studio Destroyed by Interview
    Format: MP4 Views: 430511 Downloads: 1

    This is a Youtube Poop-like video of some interview with this guy named Bryce Corbitt.


    Osirisᶜ He's Dead.
    Format: MP4 Views: 393015 Downloads: 6

    This is a video with a picture of some guy cosplaying as Alice from Touhou with the words "Osiris? He's dead." playing in the background with some vaporwave music. Very interesting!


    Format: MP4 Views: 387532 Downloads: 7

    This video contains a picture of a guy named Kevin that keeps playing the words "I'm Kevin. I think I'm cool!"

    Damn, over a million views on IRP. Well anyways, peace out!
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  2. Costello

    Costello Headmaster

    Oct 24, 2002
    thats pretty hillarious yeah... such great videos make me proud

    More seriously yeah Filetrip was never meant to compete with sites like Youtube and all. But at least we wont censor videos about flashcarts :)

    also I dont think gbatemp is the worst site ever, I am sure theres at least one or two other sites that are worse :lol:
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