Fieldrunners not working

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    Apr 21, 2016
    Any where i can find a signal :3
    Hey guys ive run into a serious problem. Ive been following Plailect's guide to downgrade using field runners. So as suggested i downloaded legitimate copy of field runners on my rxtools emunand. Then copied the exploited save file. But the problem is now when i run fieldrunners to check wether exploit is working or not, the game doesnt work. It says "an error has occured press power button to turn of system". I really am hesitant ablut transfering the system to the unhacked 3ds. Is there anyway to get the ge working ? My copy is legitimate. The problem i think i have is that i dont know how to run dsiware on emunand. I have tried installing cia of fieldrunners on sysnand and it works fine there but not on emunand. Any help will he appreciated. Thank-you.