Fatal Error!

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    OMG! I'd read folks talking about it, but only just now experienced it for myself. I had yet to die, and was making my way through Chapter 3 (I believe it is). I got pretty well into the chapter, and then saved and exited right at the little-kid piano puzzle. When I came back, I was right where I left off -- about 40 minutes in. So, I made my way further into the chapter, went out into some rainy area, flying heads start attacking me, I kill them and move on. More flying heads attack me, I die, the game asks me if I want to restart the chapter or quit. I quit. When I look at my save file it is now missing about 30 minutes of gameplay and I have to restart the entire chapter.

    Who the hell thought this was a good idea?! Wow! I doubt I'll be finishing this game. Horrible, horrible production decision!
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    It is a bit annoying but it forces you to look out for your life a bit more, adding more tension to the whole "survival horror" aspect of the game.

    If you just turn off your DS, the game picks off right where you left, it's only when you die that you have to restart the chapter.

    I got pretty annoyed with this in Chapter 4 where there is a boss in the end but once you know all the puzzles and the correct way to go it is not that bad.

    I am now on Chapter 6 and I have grown to like the system, it makes me stay on the edge a lot more than I would be if I could just die and restart from that same point.

    Devil May Cry 3 (J) has a similar system and I loved that game but Dementium is not nearly as hard and chapters are pretty short, it looks like a horrible decision on paper (I'm sure the game will take quite a few hits in reviews because of it) but its not nearly as bad as it sounds on paper.

    Plus, without it, you could probably finish the game in a single sitting...
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    The developers thought the game only appealed to the hardcore gamer so they took the mid-point save out of the game so that it would satisfy those who think DS games are too easy. I agree that it also certainly adds tension to the game, making you more fearful of being hit.

    It did piss me off at first but it takes little time to get through a chapter once I have already played it but they still should have added something for those who want it, maybe something like the typewriter in the RE games?