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    May 30, 2012
    I have always had problems with this. On my old usb stick I had remember having a hard time figuring out how to parition a drive into 2 parts wbfs and fat32. Than one day i popped brawl into usb loader gx and clicked install game and it did everything for me. Unfortunately i lost this usb, but the way it was set up was that at the root it had a folder called wbfs, and then a folder for the game i wanted to play.

    I preferred this way and found it easier because i didnt have to make partitions and have a part of my usb i couldnt acess. Instead i would just grab .wbfs files and put them in the wbfs folder of my fat32 usb. How can i do this again?

    Now when i try with my new usb stick, it says not enough memory even though there should be 15 gb free.

    EDIT: NVM this topic can be deleted. Problem was i was trying to install a gamecube game that wasnt .wbfs, had nothing to do with space on device
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    just for information sake, there is really zero reason to use a WBFS formatted partition these days, FAT32 or NTFS are fine for wii games, FAT32 for GC.
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    except you want a better performance and never fragmentation issues and you're willing a little more complicated handling.
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    If you add two small games, delete the first game and add a big game that there's just barely enough space for, doesn't that always cause fragmentation? Wouldn't that get progressively worse the more you swap games out?
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    Ok again (have discussed it many times):
    In terms of Windows defragmentation tools:
    Large fragments of multiple megabytes are generally not counted as fragments and will not reordered by fragmentation tools.

    WBFS has always a minimal block size of 2 MiB, a 500 GB drive of 8 MiB. So a real fragmentation can never happen. If a 4 GB game has 10 fragments with about 400 MB, it looks perfect. And in your example, the smaller fragment is about 1GB. And if using my tools, the new game is stored as one large fragment after the second game, if enough space is available.

    The problem of FAT+NTFS are small files and management data (and moreover extents on NTFS).
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    NTFS is fine.
    Or, if you're bothered, partion the SDD.