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  • Hey man your guide really helped me on NTSC games on PAL wii and i wanted to ask you something. I use a site called wiiso to get a couple of VCS, i was wondering with your permission if i could repost your instructions there, with all credit going to you, i will even relink the forum post on the thread i would start. I wont do this without your permission
    Hey.. I'm new to softmodding the Wii, and I don't know how to use your Custom Nand-loader MOD 1.1.. at all, and I really want to play some NTSC VC games on my PAL Wii, so help would be greatly appreciated. I have used your little guide on fixing the wad, patching it, but I haven't touched your Custom Nand-loader at all, since it's not mentioned in the instructions!

    Thanks in advance

    hi, can you please help with this: I found that u posted this as advice - from what i recall new wii remotes are now supports in latest libogc. Ive recompiled the ios236 installer using latest libogc, so give this one a try - but the file has been removed. Thank you
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