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Oct 1, 2019
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My concepts so far:

Class changes

  • White Heron Cup competition open to all
Including allowing units such as byleth, manuela, shamir, catherine, etc to compete in month 12’s White Heron cup.​

Dancer outfits are already available to forcefully put on every character, so I know the models already exist.​

  • Gender unlock on all classes.
Such as pegasus/falcon classes. Such as gremory and dark mages/bishops. Hero/brawling based classes(including war master).​

S-supports and paired endings

  • Give byleth unlimited same sex options for S support and goddess tower.
I am aware that same sex options are available by exploiting your save to have a temporarily included opposite-sex byleth during the final month. I know the goddess tower scene uses your same sex byleth already, even with this exploit, the difference in making this into a mod or hack is that it would not be an exploit but instead an already allowed option.​

  • Give byleth edited S support photos for each gender with every character.
Examples from fans have been already made: Dimitri, Claude (I am a new user so links cannot be shared but PM me if youre interested)​

  • Allow for the “closest allies” section in the roster’s character information to be an expandable/collapsable list that writes out all allies they have support points with.
In this expandable list the support points would be blatantly stated (in numbers “x support points”) as to leave no confusion.​

NG+ Journal Clothing/Appearances

Allow for more customization with the character appearances controlled in NG+’s journal.

  • The customization would include “hair” for each character (similar to how it is for the Lords) where you can choose post-pre timeskip hair styles. This would be including listing dorothea’s hat as a hairstyle. Including byleth’s hair styles. This would NOT change the profile picture next to dialogue boxes.

  • The customization would include class-specific clothing being an option (it would be fine if this only became an option with the mastery of that class) even if the character was currently using a different class

  • The customization would include editing what their “monastery” and “battle” clothing would each be, respectively.

  • Allowing to edit if their bodies are “white clouds” or “time skip” (this would be distinct from hair and only edit their body/face to be different)

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