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    hi everyone, I have an EZ4 GBA and I have a problem. I have two computers. One of which cannot run EZ4 Client for some reason, but thats my only computer with a slot that I can put my micro sd reader in. (its not like a usb its like an sd card shape). My other computer can run EZ4 Client with no problem but it does not have the slot that works with my micro sd reader. So I was thinking, (im not too experienced in this flash card stuff and I don't know exactly what ez4 client does but all I know is that it makes the games save on my EZ4 lol) can I maybe just like use EZ4 Client to add the save patch to a ROM then use the client again to send the ROM to a .rar and send the .rar to my computer that I can use my MSD reader on? would that work? thanks! [​IMG]
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    First try deleting the ez4para.ini that will be in c:\windows\temp - that often sorts problems with EZ4client but if that does not work

    If EZ4client works on one machine then just point the output of that to c:\ or [​IMG]\ or some drive on the machine and then just grab the patched .nds files it makes there and the corresponding .sav (you can copy and rename for most games but a handful have premade saves so pick your battles) and stick it on a USB drive or fire it across the network where you have your other machine waiting with the SD reader.