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Aug 11, 2009

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    EZ Vi
    EZ Vi
    EZ team have a solution to make EZvi run on NDSi 1.4 version finally.

    We will release the new firmware for updating soon.

    Please pay attention to our homepage recently. (www.ezflash.cn)

    Though the new firmware allow the exist EZVi users could download and update it from Micro SD by themselves, then the updated EZVi will suit with DSi 1.4 firmware. Not like another brand card let the user buy a new one.

    For our dealers that we will supply the cards which already compatible NDSi 1.4 version before this weekend. The update firmware will not be released so soon.( because need time to test the update compatible)

    Special for EZ team and EZvi:

    1)EZ team have six years in the flash card industry

    1)EZ team have total Independent R & D capability

    2)EZvi could update flashcard firmware , bootloader and kernel direct from Micro SD to fit the Nintendo firmware uptade.

    3)EZvi support real time save and real time game guide.

    best regards


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