[Ez-flash iv] newest ez4client fails to reset patch?

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    Sep 20, 2015
    Got my ez-flash, had problems patching the soft resetting back to EZ iv menu. I set the reset keys to R+L+B+Select.

    Model: EZF4m (Ez flash iv microsd, black 2015 released)
    Kernel: 1.77 (Ez-Flat Iv) - updated straight from the preinstalled clearlooks 1.75
    Microsd: 16gb kingston class 10

    Console used: GBA SP ags-001

    Tried with all the versions from http://www.ezflash.cn/downloads/ . made sure "reset" patch was ticked, and that the reset keys were correct. Also I tried resetting with the default keys instead of the custom ones.

    Version 1.03: EZ4_20140306.zip - Soft resetting did not work, saves ok.
    Version 1.00: EZ4_2014.rar - Soft resetting did not work, saves ok.
    Version 1.03: EZ4_20070521.zip - Success!, saves ok.

    All of them I tried with a few roms and all of them I tried with Metroid Zero Mission, so it's not like the rom I used did not support soft resetting.

    ...anyone know the reason? And do I get some problems later on or with some roms if I keep using the presumably older client version that worked fine?
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