EZ Flash IV (miniSD) Problem.

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    Hello thar, I had a problem while I was testing various skins for my EZ Flash IV, but we will call it the EZ4 Phat for now. Anyway, I brought 4 of these things for multiplayer and I was testing something with one of them. Though, I was having a game break, and decided to play Hachiemon for a moment, figuring out more of the saving bug. Although, I have forgotten to put the save folder at the beginning so it doesn't mess up my card. Though, when I went to reset the game, I accidently held R in combination of L + Up + A + B, and it began to update without my knowledge. (Because I forgot to remove "ezfla_up.bin" while I was doing so.) My timing was horrible when I switched it off, because at that moment, I seem to have bricked my rare cartridge. O-O;

    I have tried various methods of help at the IRC channel, trying what I can to revive my bricked EZ4 Phat, and get it to work properly. Though, the methods were designed for EZ4 Deluxe, meaning it's not my type of card. However, I gave up, and put it in my flashed Polar White DS Lite, and for some reason, decided to hold R + X together. It launched one program from there, but it said "Can't file ezfla_up.bin Power off and Restart" when I already had said file on my microSD/miniSD.

    I do not know any further on how to do this, but I may be stuck with a housebrick on my room until a solution comes up hopefully. I do have a working dump provided by someone on IRC, but I don't know how to run the dump correctly. I may be having the worst luck ever since Nintendo released the DSi yesterday.

    EDIT: Actually, nevermind. I had to get past a black screen while holding R, and it updated just fine. I apologize for the drama I've caused.