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    Jun 28, 2015
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    I have one of the new EZ FLASH IVs with the micro slot that came with 1.76 pre installed.

    When I use my EZFLASH in my AGB-001 and my AGS-101 screen moded AGB-001 when I try flashing to the NOR it goes really fast says its writing but doesn't really write to the NOR, also any time I try to delete any game from the NOR it does not actually delete from the NOR.

    I did find that Flashing the NOR works from MY DS LITE AND GPA SPs then I decided to try some new alkalines in the GBAs and then the NOR worked perfectally fine. Is this a known problem that when using LOW alkalines batteries and NiMH batteries causes the NOR to malfunction?

    I'm also having problems with some games running from the PSRAM, namely Bookworm, PAC-MAN WORLD, and Ms PAC-MAN Maze Madness, when i launch these games to the PSRAM all I get is a white screen, however they work perfectally fine from the NOR, and I got curious and tries exploader 0.57 from my Acekard 2i to the EZ IV the games work fine from the PSRAM when launched from GBA Exploader.

    I also bought a cheap M3 GEP from ebay and then replaced the battery with a newer maxcell ML1220 and that works great with my Acekard 2i and Exploader 0.58 with the M3 patch.