EZ 3 in 1 Expansion pack save problems

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by Sendoh, Sep 20, 2008.

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    Jul 30, 2007
    My EZ 3-in-1 is brand new, so it's probably not a battery problem. I am using Rudolph's GBAexploader tool. It's not had any problems saving for awhile, until recently with Golden Sun and Lunar Legend. I turn the DS off, and when I turn it on again, the SRAM disappears. I load up Final Fantasy 6, moved a few steps and saved, and did a soft reset. The save did register. I then rebooted my DS and the sram is still there as Final Fantasy 6.scv. I removed the # from No_Multisave in the GBA_Exploader.ini, by the way.

    So since there is this problem, I've tried a few experiments. First, I saved in Golden Sun, then soft reset. The save was still there, so I turned off my DS. However, when I loaded up Golden Sun, the in-game message was that my save file had corrupted and it wanted me to recover it from a Sol Sanctum or something. After this incident the save file has never been uncorrupted and though there is no problem saving, it doesn't register the save at all, even if Golden Sun.sav is shown in the sram.

    So I naturally assumed that it is Golden Sun which messes up my file, since when I saved on Lunar Legend and loaded up Golden Sun and saved it, my Lunar Legend sav on the sram disappeared and my save lost. So I took care not to load Golden Sun again. I played Lunar Legend for awhile, turned off my DS for quite awhile after saving, and then loaded it up for Comic Book DS. The next day, when I loaded up Lunar Legend (the .sav was still in the sram) and bam! It didn't register roughly 4-5 hours worth of saves, and set me back to my save in Lunar Legend during my experiment.

    So, I wanna ask if anyone can give me advice. Am I doing anything wrong? What's the proper procedure for saving? I would appreciate the help.

    p.s. I'm using R4, Rudolph's GBAexploader english v0.57, and using clean roms.