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    Hi ...

    I have been getting quite a number of site enquiries recently (not from here, I may add) regarding building the ESP8266 Exploit Interface, and thought I would include my response here, as I thought it may help out if anyone was having similar issues or problems!

    One of the reasons that this device is so popular is really all about price! This particlar device was £1.75 and the SD Interface £0.59 (via Tiawan) free post.

    1. Unless you are very experienced in soldering DON'T try to desolder and remove the pins, many people have written to me regarding this, and have tried to do this in order to try and make the unit a little more compact, and also to remove any potential short ciruit problems. The pins (which can probably be seen in the pictures) are square and quite sharp, and as a consequence can easily damage/break the PC tracks if tying to remove them - which in many cases are only microns thick and wide. With this device - which is not one I would personally highly recommend - I would suggest for the in-experienced, it is much better to bend the pins at right-angles as shown in the pictures, solder the connections and then enclose the whole thing in a PVC sleeve or Shrink Sleeve, or as can be seen in the pictures, use some small insulated stand-off spacers superglued to the ESP edges, and then an insulated cover to complete, if you are using an SD interface this can be fixed to the insulated cover, again as shown.

    2. To keep things tidy, and for this type of work I would always recommend using Tefzel Insulated 26 A.W.G Wire Wrapping wire for the connections, easy, neat, cheap and readily available ...

    Image ...

    Image 1 - Pre-Build Testing
    Image 2 - Pre-Assembly
    Image 3 - Build Complete

    I thought this might just help out, and possibly prevent any potential disasters!

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