Error on an unknown app.

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  1. Zukov

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    Oct 2, 2016

    I'm getting this message when I unsleep the console (handheld Vita 1000): "Error: The app could not be found." Or something like this, cuz' my Vita is in spanish, so don't know how it is written in english text.

    My first idea was to backup everything in my PC. Then wipe out the Vita MemCard and start all over again.
    My suspect: Custom Themes Manager, cuz' sometimes, all my themes are wiped out, but not erased from the MemCard, the system just don't recognize them as installed. But the already-selected theme still works, but I don't have access to none of them in settings (Not even the one that is shown).
    Now that Sony patched the activation, I don't think wiping out my memcard is a good idea anymore.

    Any thoughts about how can I discover wich app is missing giving me that error message?

    P.D.: sry for my english, I'm trying hard, lol.