Error installing "(CFW Only)" type of games/apps using WUP Installer GX2

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    Jun 29, 2019
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    I just recently installed Homebrew and Haxchi by following the wiiuhacks guide and began installing games onto my Wii U. I have several games and apps where the game folders will say "(CFW Only)" and I've noticed that on only the CFW Only games/apps that I was receiving an error when trying to install through WUP Installer GX2 launched from Haxchi:

    "Verify WUP files are correct & complete. DLC/E-shop require Sig Patch"

    I've tried some suggestions from other threads. So far what I've tried is loading Haxchi by holding down B, but it does nothing. I went into the config to see what button needs to be pressed and it says "default." I tried changing it to say "b," but it also does nothing.

    I am using Wii U USB Helper to download games. My firmware is 5.5.3. I hold 'A' to enter Haxchi. I'm installing games onto a USB Flash drive formatted as FAT32.

    UPDATE: I'm dumb. I just needed to run Mocha CFW first, then run WUP Installer to avoid that Sig Patch error.
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