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    Hi.. I'm trying to do a dsiware Exploit from a 2DS with latest luma A9LH to my new 3DS on 11.0.0-33U. I did use this 2DS for a DG on my friends N3DS awhile ago. (2-3 weeks) I'm thinking that he didn't format the NNID from it so it probably has my NNID from the 2DS... However I booted the 2DS and when I click on system Transfer I get the error message "Error Code: 022-2501 you cannot use this Nintendo Network ID on this system." I'll have to confirm the NNID thing with my friend tomorrow but has anyone else got an idea of what the problem is?
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    That error only occurs when you have changed your nnid, which I presume you have.
    Game purchases or update downloads are linked to your nnid, so by trying to change nnid, you unlinked the games. Either sign back in to the original nnid, or call customer support to have the purchases transfered to the new nnid. (To verify I believe they'll ask you for your 3ds serial number)
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