Error: 84020

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    Here is the situation.... 3 DSL's 1 real cart, 1 EZ4L, 1 R4DS

    the r4ds is with me at work, the other 2 are at home. When playing WFC, using club house games, I can get one or the other to connect to my room, but not both.. The one who doesnt connect gets the above error..

    Say I create the room in clube house, here at work..

    The realcart connects, the EZ4 gets an error...
    ok they turn off and back on and I get the EZ4 to connect first, then the real cart will fail.

    what can be causing this... The router has a wep key, they can play online, just doesn't seem to be able to do it at the same time.
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    Directly from

    Error Code: 84020

    Unable to establish UDP connection to the game server.

    Please verify that your UDP settings match the settings on your firewall.

    If this error occurs regularly, while you are playing at home, it is likely a connection problem related to your firewall settings. For more information on firewalls and the Nintendo WFC, click here.

    At a Hotspot:
    Try again later.

    Don't know if that will help you at all, but there ya go.
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    It's probably your router, check your settings, maybe you limited the # of ip's allowed to use the internet.
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    Wi-fi problems are always router problems for me.