Emulators WIIU or vWII?

Discussion in 'Wii U - Emulation & CEMU' started by lafleche, Jun 17, 2018.

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    At this moment I have my vWII set up for all my emulation needs.

    Are there any advantages of setting up the wiiu itself for this purpose? Better emulation? In the rare occasion that there will be a framedrop on vwii, will that be mitigated on the wiiu one?
    Other reasons?

    Or just stay with the wii/vwii?
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    I'm not really sure what you mean, specifically. Some emulators work better on vWii, like N64 emulation works better, from what I can remember. However, some people prefer emulating on the Wii U itself just for convenience and not having to go into vWii every time (with the exception of GameCube emulation since that has to go into vWii anyways).

    I suppose just stick with vWii. I don't think you'll be missing much if you do, unless you want to emulate something like PSP, which can only really be done through the Wii U, not vWii.
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  3. nWo

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    Oct 20, 2016
    Mmm... I say that you should go for Wii U. First of all you got the offscreen option, second, you can play right off the bat on the Gamepad, and right now almost every emulator is Gamepad compatible. There are even some Wii titles that have been adapted to Gamepad completely, like Resident Evil 4 for example.
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  4. pedro702

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    Mar 3, 2014
    go for wiiu mode for sure, you can overclock wii emulators like 2ii64/not64 wiisx and get much better FPS on those, for earlier system and such wiiu retroarch runs everything until 16bit smoothly and no slowdows even on intensive gba/snes games.
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  5. anthony_link

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    Well, at least in my own experience, some games have a significant improvement. The resolution is better in most of them, but in other games the resolution is as bad as in the originals e.g. Ratatouille vWII and Nintendont, Okami, just for mention some examples.