Editing the boot info "game"?

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by Makoto0729, Mar 30, 2011.

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    I just got the idea lately.... if it's possible to edit the game that the Supercard appears to be when you select it through a firmware update (dstwoupdate.dat for 3DS), is it possible to edit the information to appear as any game you choose?

    Honestly, I really don't like the logos and information for either of the games it's appeared to be, and would very much like to change it to something with a prettier icon, like Okamiden.

    I've tried opening the dstwoupdate.dat in Notepad and WordPad, and neither display it correctly, and honestly, I simply can't figure out what to open it WITH to edit it.

    So, my questions are two:

    1) Has anyone released an editor for this that I simply don't know about?
    2) If not, does anyone have any clue how to edit it, or even what program to open it with?

    Thanks in advance!
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    alanjohn check ur pm
    Both questions are a no-no.
    It is fully based on the firmware.

    I'm sure i've seen another question like this a couple minutes ago
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    It's part of how the DSTWO is able to run on your DS/DSi/XL. I think it's called a "bootrom" or something like that. The Supercard team use certain lines of code from the game (the one you want gone) to be able to boot the card. This is also part of why a DSTWO (and others) is illegal.
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    Technical stuff.

    Short version- all DSi compatible flash carts use an exploit of a sort tied to the game the icon comes from (there are several available but not all games are that suitable). Some of the teams had their own icon but that is seemingly what Nintendo blocked with the first flash cart killer update.
    Newer games (like Okamiden) do not work as they have additional security (all the older games are in a hash whitelist where the newer ones are actually signed which can not be sorted) but there are plenty of old ones to choose from.
    If you really want to remake the entire exploit using another game with a prettier icon I am sure the supercard team would be happy to have it but there are more pressing things for them to do.

    For the secondary question that would probably be- why do acekards manage to swap icons for an old DS it is because the DSi and DS check cards differently on startup allowing it to be changed.