E-Reader E-Card Decompression

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    This should be possible; I'm just unable to figure out the E-Reader tools available on the Internet. I want to decompress Animal Crossing E-cards.

    I try this command:
    nevpk.exe -i D:\ereader\nevpk11_lite\tomnook.bin -o D:\ereader\nevpk11_lite\tomnook.vpk -d

    and get
    error: could not decompress data

    That's just one example command; I've tried many similar to it with variations on input and output format. I've looked at CaitSith2's and Firefly's E-Reader sites for information on how to use these tools. No luck so far. I've tried contacting Caitsith2, and I can't find contact information for Firefly (Tim Schuerewegen). Either way, Caitsith2 doesn't seem interested in responding on this specific issue: it's been months. I'm posting here as a last resort.