Dyndns ending free service

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by FAST6191, Apr 8, 2014.

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    May 7th it ends. A discount is being offered to existing customers for their "VIP" service.

    I had expected that their "sign in" thing introduced some months back was the beginning of the end though I did not expect it to come like this.

    For those unaware your IP address likely changes every so often (hours, days, maybe longer) depending upon your ISP, you can buy a static IP from many of them but it usually costs extra (if you not already on a "premium" ISP) if it is available at all.
    Regular DNS is too slow to keep up with this and it make take quite some time for the changes to filter down (during which you will have to figure out your IP somehow). This makes it tricky to run servers you need to access remotely. Dynamic DNS solves this by providing a domain name that is always pointed at your network.
    Dyndns were one of the first and certainly one of the market leaders for a long time in this service, most routers with support for such things (netgear routers seemingly being exclusively so). It is not so bad nowadays with things like teamviewer being able to dodge many of the problems for remote support and other such things.

    Are many of you still on dyndns and what are your plans to migrate (or pay to stay)?

    Better yet does anybody know a simple service you can run on cheap and cheerful hosting (something you do not even have root access to) to do the same thing? I have not seen anything but someone might know of something.
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    I've used no-ip (as an alternative to dyndns) in the past, but it's sad to hear of this. I used dyndns a few years ago, before my ISP started offering static IPs.
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    In Soviet Russia you're the Location
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    My "dynamic" IP changes once every 6 months, so I just use A records and standard DNS.

    I wonder if this will affect the D-link DNS service, which is dyndns rebranded and provided free to D-Link router users. I got an account through that version a little while back when I found a free D-Link router on the curb. I've since tossed that router (bricked), but the service continues to work fine at my sister's place where it's updated by a Linksys E1550.
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    I think no-ip still offers a free service, but I've been paying them for a few years now anyway.
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    Mar 28, 2014
    i switched to dnsexit.com a long time ago