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    Jul 20, 2012
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    I recently was trying to use my dvd rom to install printer software. Everytime i put the cd in it kicks it out. A window pops up that says. please insert disc into drive D: (my rom drive). Below it has a link to help me chose a disc. Clicking on this leads me to a window talking about what formats of discs are able to be burned. Now I am not trying to burn anything. I haven't burned a disc in a long time. It seems that the drive is stuck on the windows burn disc for some reason. Does anyone have any info on how to fix this? If so thank you very much.
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    Don't suppose the cd is scratched?
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    The drive could be going bad. Does it still read CDs? If not it's likely already shot (the "burn a disc" dialogue is the default windows action when it can't detect a disc), but if so it may just be on it's way, as DVDs are harder to read than CDs so DVD-reading ability usually drops off first.

    Also check the disc in another computer and all that jazz.
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    my DVD/CD RW is been dead for almost 6 years.
    in fact I never use anything which read/copy from an optic to a magnetic chip/disk

    forget about your disk and start looking driver on the net. save it on your flashdrive/hdd/microsd and install it from there.
    Even I'm using my Flashdrive to install OS on any computer which support USB Booting.
    what you need to know is your printer model, and OS you're using.