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Nov 22, 2008
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soon I'm gonna get my Gateway card and besides reading like a hundred topics I still couldn't really figure out what happens when you copy your SysNAND to EmuNAND regarding the retention of your content.

1. When you're on SysNAND on 4.x or 8.x/9.x
2. Dealing with CARD1- and CARD2-games
3. Using Gateway-mode/Classic-mode
4. Using SaveDataFiler
5. Do I need Xorpads/FunkyCIA?

I'm not asking what these things are (apart from 4./5.), but what will happen in a certain situation regarding our content. So if I'm on SysNAND firmware 8.1, I read I'll be unable to use the savegames on Gateway with Gateway-mode, because it uses a different encryption. That's what I want someone to clarify. What content am I able to keep? What will work with injectors or alike, ...


Some people said things like "just clone your SysNAND to EmuNAND and everything will work just fine", others said that they had to re-download everything and savegames were gone. So now I'm really confused on what to do when my Gateway arrives.

What I'm especially unsure with is the eShop itself. From what I understood you backup your EmuNAND, format it, re-inject it, do this whole unlinking-stuff and you should be fine. But what if Nintendo changes the update-mechanism and forces eShop-users to update their firmware? And like I said, some people said their purchases no longer worked after being transferred from SysNAND to EmuNAND (first step).

Thank you very much.

Now I'm even more confused.

Retail Pokemon OR/AS on emunand?
Retail saves on gateway 3.0.1 - #1
Retail saves on gateway 3.0.1 - #2

These people managed to dump their retail saves to use them in Gateway-mode. I thought this wasn't possible due to the encryption?

Can someone please answer these questions?

Just look here:
What about savegames?
- Game cartridge using 6.x keyY played in SysNAND will not be compatible after downgrade to 4.5 SysNAND. (different encryption)
- Game cartridge using 6.x KeyY played in emuNAND will not work on downgraded console's EmuNAND (Classic mode emuNAND use correct Savegame KeyY on 9.x)

If this is the case. Why are people in those other threads say something completely different?
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