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Jul 24, 2012
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3DS Downgrading thread

Gateway3DS released a method to downgrade all 3DS consoles from any versions and regions with System NAND version up to 9.2
It currently doesn't work with 2DS and N3DS because they require System version above 6.0 to even function. We don't know if these consoles will be supported on later Gateway updates.

The target system Version depends on the console's Region.
CHN (MD5 = 69072ce7de2cafc85325831251661e59)
EUR (MD5 = ba20352933fdb9533311933ce2263448) --> 4.5.0-8E (An update nag ready to install can appear. Follow this guide to remove it)
JAP (MD5 = 7dff24e6673423818c7e185521bf9cf7) --> 4.4.0-10J
TWN (MD5 = 47c5ec9d230c61ac431c6e245305b7c0)
USA (MD5 = 425234a6d4faf5caf63d0ca620631d79) --> 4.2.0-9U
KOR (MD5 = f253b2ee03b4cfb2799e9745100fce41)

Attention, you need to use the correct region file. Do not downgrade to another region.

Report status

Report based on thread up to Page43:
100+ successfully downgraded consoles and 0 Bricked console, 1 unconfirmed brick(page 18)so far.

A FAQ is available below the quick downgrade tutorial

Readme from Gateway-3DS team:
Gateway-3DS team said:
The downgrade packs have now also been added to the Downloads section, please download the proper dgpack for your region if you want to downgrade.
We want to caution users using the downgrade feature: it is a dangerous operation as it will write to sysnand and if something goes wrong it may brick your 3DS.
We currently recommend that ONLY USERS WITH A NAND MOD try this, and report back any issues.
If you want to restore your NAND.BIN from SD Card to sysnand, simply hold UP when entering the Downgrade menu will launch the restore menu.
This can be used to go back to your original NAND, such as before downgrading


Before proceeding and if you are using EmuNAND : be sure your NNID is correctly linked on your SysNAND.
if you formated your SysNAND to unlink SysNAND and EmuNAND folders on your SD card, re-add NNID on sysNAND or your emuNAND will not be able to access eShop after downgrade.

I guess all the "link" and "unlink" are hard to follow, so here is a resume:
- If you never created emuNAND : downgrade without issue. You will link the eShop NNID to your emuNAND when you will create it.
- If you already created emuNAND : Be sure eShop access and NNID work on your emuNAND before downgrading.
- If you don't care about eshop, don't worry about all this.

1) go to gateway site and select downloads
2) look for Downgrade file sets
3) download YOUR 3DS REGION (we have no confirmation of region changing)
4) place .DG file on your 3DS SD (the big one)
5) load gateway exploit through BROWSER menu
6) hold L as soon as bottom screen turns white
7) backup your sysNAND(this is forced and it MUST be on your SD card)
8) at Gateway menu scroll right to downgrade selection
9) follow on screen prompts
10) console will take a few moments to restart, do not panic!
The next few steps are required if you don't want to use the browser exploit
11) install the blue card exploit once downgrade is complete (guide here) (if you already have emuNAND installed you don't need to go past step 10 and on 3.01 you don't need to hold L unless you want to boot the gateway menu)
12) no more wifi at startup!!!!
13) just go to settings/other settings/profile/DS profile to launch gateway now

FAQ and informations

Is it safe or dangerous?
It's always dangerous to write to and modify your sysNAND!

There's no software method to restore a bricked console.
But it can be fixed by soldering 4 wires in your console to backup/restore NAND dumps.
If you brick your console, you need to keep a NAND dump safe for restoration!
Always make and keep nand.bin files of different versions in case you need to fix a broken unit.

Why would I want to downgrade to 4.x if Gateway 3.0 works with 9.2 consoles?
on 5.0+ console, you need to use the browser exploit to launch Gateway.
on 4.x consoles, you have different advantages:
- Gateway launching from Mset (NDS) exploit or from Browser exploit
- No auto-download and install of Firmwares updates from Nintendo if Parental control setup! (please, confirm this, but should work)
- Possibility to launch Homebrew requiring Kernel Access (Launcher.dat homebrew, such as CTR multi Decrypter)
- Less DS flashcards blocked (you can fully removed the blacklist with a cia installer)
- You can make a 4.x emuNAND dump to use as cFW debugger. (peek/poke requires 4.x)

When downgrading does the SD card get formatted?

Can I use the downgrade menu to install a different system Version?
Yes. The NAND restore feature (Press UP instead of Start) can be used to actually install existing EmuNAND Dumps to your sysNAND.
Attention: It will fully replace the sysNAND, it doesn't downgrade the version by keeping existing titles and data!

When restoring NAND, do I lose data?
Restoring a NAND dump restores the NAND state as it was when you dumped it. You will lose everything you did since the backup.

Do I need a Gateway Card to downgrade?
No, you do not need gateway card to downgrade, just the internet exploit and 9.2 Firmware or lower.

Can I downgrade to another and lower System version?
Currently, it's not possible to downgrade to another version. The downgrade require Downgrade package with specific target system version.
Only one System version per region are currently available.

Can I update from 4.2 or 4.4 to 4.5?
Yes, but it's NOT NEEDED.
You can use a game cartridge (Luigi Mansion, or animal crossing for example)
You can also use Gateway without emuNAND partition, press UP when entering Gateway Mode and launch Luigi Mansion or any other 4.5.0-x game.

Can I update my system officially after a downgrade?
Not sure yet.
Seems there are issue downloading updates from Nintendo servers.
The downgrade feature doesn't really downgrade the console to a real old state, it only downgrades some Titles. Maybe official updating function is confused because of mixed Titles versions.
Need more confirmations.

Can I install cFW after downgrading my console?

What about savegames?
- Game cartridge using 6.x keyY played in SysNAND or emuNAND will not be compatible after downgrade to 4.5 SysNAND, even if played in EmuNAND classic 6.x+
- Game cartridge using 2.x keyY will work after downgrade.

- ROM's savegames should be compatible with any system version.
ROM using 6.x KeyY played on SysNAND or EmuNAND use the same encryption method (pre-6x method) even when SysNAND is 6+

- Installed games/eShop games and their savegames are still present and working.

What about eShop?
eShop works fine, with both linked and unlinked emuNAND and NNID.
eshop, NNID and balance are still intact.

Attention: Do not downgrade with unlinked NAND/EmuNAND if you didn't re-link the NNID to SysNAND.
If you unlink NNID on sysNAND, the emuNAND can't access eshop anymore. You need to re-link NNID on SysNAND before downgrading.

I downgraded with unlinked NNID, how can I fix it?
You need to restore your backup NAND (back to 9.x on SysNAND). This Step is needed to have a SysNAND compatible with NNID setup! (4.x doesn't have NNID)
Link NNID on sysNAND
Downgrade again

Steps detailed here.

Will my Ninjhax cartridge still work on 4.x?
You will need to clear the savegame and reinstall Ninjhax exploit for 4.x

Other informations reported by users
• it has been confirmed that ALL 3Ds models (except 2ds and N3ds for now) can downgrade : Normal, XL/LL, Special editions.

• it does not matter what firmware your 3DS started at, I downgraded my NES 3DS XL that started well above 4.5

• Savegame from 6.x KeyY games are compatible between both 4.x and newer sysNAND versions.
If you started playing a game with Gateway 3.0 on your 9.2 console, you can downgrade to 4.5 and continue playing it on your emuNAND.

Attention: It seems there are contradictory reports. Some games have compatible savegames and others are corrupted. It needs further investigations.

• EUR downgrade file seems to contains an update file and the console will ask to apply it. You can format the SysNAND to delete the update nag, but you will lose your saves and eshops! it will also unlink your SysNAND to EmuNAND.
The target version update is unknown (nobody reported which version it tries to install)
The update message doesn't happen on every consoles. It's still unclear what generate it (users who already had their console on 4.5?)

• The one unconfirmed brick seems to be from a bug in Gateway Ultra 3.0, so please try to use 3.0.1 even though we have seen confirmed downgrades with 3.0


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Jun 22, 2013
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so you bought them at a higher firmware than 4.5?
I just want to be sure so sorry for the questions.

edit: i have the NES XL from gamestop

First 3DS was purchased one week from the original release.
Second 3DS was purchased last month.


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Jul 24, 2012
United States
Does anybody know how the downgrading works?

as far as I know it downgrade the system to 4.5. what I don't know is if it's a full downgrade or if it's tricking the system and changing certain features. although it seems to be a simple process as in putting the DG. file on the 3ds SD card and selecting downgrade from the GW menu
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