Duplicate apps on 3DS emunand

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  1. tofast4u

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    Hello I have an Original 3DS, and I messed it up a little and need some help. The 3DS is on firmware 4.4, and I had it on v9.2 EmuNand with my MT-Card. What I did was try to manually to the latest system version through this guide http://gbatemp.net/threads/how-to-u...latest-10-1-emunand-with-eshop-access.398117/ . I successfully upgraded to 10.3, however whenever I boot it up I see duplicate apps for all the ones that come with the 3DS(Such as camera, settings, music, etc). What did I do wrong? And can I fix this? I still have my backup of my EmuNand that I did when it was still on 9.2.
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