Dumping Pokemon Platinum Save

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    (I don't really know what forum this is supposed to go in)

    I have been trying to dump my retail cart Platinum's save file (and later restore it, but I havent even gotten to that step) using Rudolph's NDS Backup Tool (Wifi) v.0.31f and this guide. However I am having a problem. I have set up SmallFTP and edited the ini file to my IP address/login/port. When I start the NDS Backup Tool on my Acekard2i though, it just stays at the "Connecting for Access Point" screen, it doesn't even give me an error. I don't think it froze because the green light on my DSlite is still flashing. Help please? [​IMG]
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    The best tool for backing up HG/SS and other carts is the NDS Backup Adaptor Plus. It is a USB device that has a slot for a DS cart. You can backup and restore any sav file. FYI: Ever since Platinum, Pokemon carts have 2 savs on them and also have extra data (vs recorder) that are skipped with many backup apps.