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    OlliPolli has updated his offline Wikipedia reader. "At the moment DSwiki can't do more than displaying mostly unformatted wiki markup of articles (but word and line breaks and a proportional font make it easily readable)". Check the included readme file for further instructions on how to install and use DSwiki.


    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    You can't hotlink from ds-scene.

    edit: lol @ ds-scene being a "source website".
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    Sorry this is mostly my fault. I recently banned his ip from my site because he was copying news and posting it here 5 minutes after I've posted it, Boxart for rom posts was being stolen as well. Now i don't mind this if the person gives credit where he gets the news from, but he was posting user submitted news here and not even linking the homepage of the game. In some cases not even mentioning the author of the homebrew, let alone linking to us as the place where he copy pasted the news from. [​IMG]

    Anyway he complained enough for me to unban his ip on the agreement that if he takes news from my site he puts us as a source. Just like i do when i get my news from other respected sites i always source them, as did you when you posted news here Urza. If someone is gonna completely copy paste a news post they better put the source of that post, anyone should know that.

    As for the hotlinked images well im not doing anything about that. That hotlink protection is there for this exact reason. It's why the image has the "respect source websites" on it in the first place. He should know better than to hotlink images anyway, no matter what site they come from.

    And the matter of him stealing news from us was actually brought to my attention by pm from a user i don't even know on this site. For GBAtemp users to notice what he was doing and actually tell me about it was enough for me to take action with an ip ban. So as for the matter of DS-Scene being a source website, well in the case of this completely copy pasted news post yes, we are the source. Anyway im going on about it too much now but i hope i cleared everything up without being too rude about it [​IMG]