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    DSuite Organiser

    New homebrew application suite

    ssjowowo has unveiled a new homebrew app very similar to DS Organise, it's a new application suite, simply called DSuite.
    ssjowowohello everyone. this is an application made by Achilleas.k and I. it's our final year project for our university degree. it will be appreciated if you could give us some feedback us we are delivering early next week and we have no time to check for bugs. the program is an application suite (much like DS Organize) which gives emphasis to presentation and usability. there are several programs that you can use in this build: calendar, contacts list, file browser and a small game. there are 3 more programs to be included hopefully in the next couple of days (text editor, paint and calculator)[/quote]The homebrew is currently in early stages, but as you can see; there are already several functional programs. Author ssjowowo is planning to continue development on his new app, and tells us we should expect a new release in the next few days.

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    hmm.. sounds like a DS OS in progress xD
    looks vista-ish.