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    i am interested in one of these cards.
    Anyone know i good UK supplier please?
    Also i have read it will work on the latest 3DS firmware, which is is this true?
    Does the card come with the latest update installed to work on the latest firmware?

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    Jun 9, 2013
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    There not UK there Canada but they are a very reputable dealer good shipping time and fair prices I would recommend them.

    Yes, this is true as of right now the Supercard DS Two does support the latest firmware.

    Depends on who you order it from I know that some times it requires a Original NDS or a NDS lite for the files but I'm not sure I think that with the Supercard DS Two that's not necessary but I don't know I've never had A DS Two.

    Hopes this helps.:yaynds:
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    Hey :)

    I have a Supercard DSTwo and I own two 3DSs - one is an American model, with the latest firmware - 5.1.0-11U and I can confirm that the Supercard DSTwo works great with my system!! The other 3DS is the Japanese model - version 4.1.0-8J. I did my firmware update using the Japanese 3DS and I had no issues at all. At the time of the update, my American 3DS had a firmware of version 4.5.0-10U. As far as I know, my Japanese system originally came with 4.1.0-8J, and I have never had any trouble with blocking on my Supercard on it.

    I ordered mine from Zhuzhuchina, and they have excellent service! http://www.zhuzhuchina.com/store/su...?search_string=supercard&search_category_id=0

    The fact that the Supercard is preflashed with firmware 1.19 from Zhuzhuchina means that you should have no trouble running the cart after you install the EOS interface and load your games :)