DSTWO won't run after using 3DSXL's mp3 player

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    Normally the DSTWO runs perfectly fine, but if I use the built in mp3 player then try to run the DSTWO it won't work. First time I try to run it, it just relaunches the mp3 player (which is completely closed, not just suspended). Exiting the mp3 player again and trying the DSTWO again results in the black warning screen, same as you get if you try to run a blocked flashcard. Even power cycling the 3DSXL does not seem to fix the issue until I remove and reinsert the DSTWO.

    DSTWO works fine otherwise, no contact issues with the system (it's not from that bad batch or or anything). Firmware on the XL is 4.5.whatever.

    Not looking for a fix or anything (oh noes I have to pop out the cart to get it working once in a while) just something weird I encountered so I thought I'd post about it.
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    Intriguing, thanks for the share
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    Kinda' funny, the Ak2i had a similar issue on the DSi. If you inserted it while in the music player or something else and then went back to the main settings, it'd read it with the DS Lite icon, not the icon for passing the DSi check (and would thus not boot until reinserted).