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Discussion in 'Supercard' started by rwb62183, May 8, 2013.

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    I'm purchasing a dstwo supercard soon and have a few questions to ensure I don't end up with a fake card or one I can't use.

    1) Is there an agreed upon best site to ensure that I order a real card? Preferably one that has the latest firmware?

    2) I've read the beginners guide but am still confused. I have 3DS XL that I've had for two weeks that has whatever the latest update from Nintendo is. Will I have to go through any extravagant steps to update the dstwo supercard if it comes with the latest firmware from the vendor?

    Basically I'm trying to do no, or as few, updates as possible that could damage either the 3DS XL or the card. I'm completely new to the flashcart scene (found out about them this morning).
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    May 8, 2013
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    We've never seen a fake one. If it comes with the latest update you won't need to do anything complicated.

    Turn any and all automatic downloads on your 3DS off. This includes spotpass and streetpass data/download options.
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    Real Hot Stuff is a reliable American flashcart vendor based in New Jersey. They ship quickly in the continental US and even in California I've received stuff in the mail within just 3-4 days of ordering from them. Not sure how fast they'll ship to Hawaii or Alaska, but I imagine it's still fast. Just email them prior to ordering and ask them to update it for you.

    You can also order from this website's sponsor, nds-card.com, which is based in China. They will update it to work with 3DS v5.1.0-11 before shipping to you.