DSTTi Fix for DSi 1.4 (Step by Step Guide)

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    Guide for Updating DSTTi to work with DSi Firmware Update 1.4

    NEW VIDEO GUIDE HERE : Watch Video on YouTube Here

    What you will need to update your DSTTi Card:DSi Console with Firmware lower than 1.4X (1.4E, 1.4J, 1.4U & 1.4A) e.g 1.3 or 1.2 OR
    DS Lite Console
    DSTTi Card Loaded with Standard Firmware V1.17
    DSTTi Update for DSi 1.4 DSTTi Fix Download Here

    To Check Your DSi Firmware Version:

    Click 'Setting' on the Main Menu
    In the right hand corner of the top screen it will say VER 1.X

    -Unzip 'TTi14UPGRADE_rel_rar' you will then have three files:
    -Copy the three files to the root of the Micro SD memory card.
    -Place the Micro SD back into the DSTTi Card and insert into DSL/DSi Console
    -Select the Firmware file TTi14UPGRADE.nds
    -Follow the on screen instructions (Press X + Y to update)
    -Complete!! You have a working DSTTi with DSi Firmware 1.4

    Please feel free to link/pass this easy guide on!!

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    Guide Link : Click Here for Full Guide Here
    Patch Link: DSTTi Fix Download Here