DSi for me?

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    May 18, 2009
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    I need help making a decision. I want a DSi. I have an acekard 2i and a black ds lite. Do any of you think the dsi would be worth my money for ME. ALso my ds lites L and R buttons are messed up and only work half the time I press them. I currently have about 80 dollors. I cant sell my ds lite to gamestop because the little bar code sticker is no longer on it. You may think this is a stupid thread, if you do you dont have to read it so please dont comment on how this thread is a waste of your time or something of the sort. I have no interest in gba games.
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    I guess the first question is, do you care about GBA games? If you don't care about GBA games, then the DSi would be fine. Seeing as how your current DSlite's L & R buttons are messed up, the DSi could make a good replacement.
    Just be warned, that problem apparently hasn't been fixed on the DSi as some people have complained that the L & R buttons are dying on the DSi too.

    Personally though, I would just get another DSlite. I don't like the DSi simply because it's missing the GBA port and the fact that a FW update could potentially render your flashcart useless. For $80 you could probably buy a used DSlite. Just make sure to have something like that DiagnoSe app on your flashcart to check it out first to make sure everything is working properly before you buy it.
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    search the DSi FACT that will answer all your questions
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    yeah i think you should get the dsi
  5. PokemonV

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    Apr 30, 2009
    Yeah you would like the DSi.
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    see my video in my signature [​IMG] i kinda gave a quick review of the DSi and it's many new features.

    I love my DSi quite a bit. I didn't think it'd be worth the money to upgrade, but after I bought it I was glad I did [​IMG]
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    Jan 10, 2009
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    I didn't think it would be worth upgrading from my DS Lite as well, but it was worth every penny I spent on it [​IMG]