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    Oct 26, 2011
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    Hello DS fans,

    My name is Dave, and I am a huge fan of the Nintendo DS and it's excellent game library. Because of my love for this handheld, I have embarked on a new personal blog project that aims to catalog DS games and hardware individually through small (somewhat personal and perhaps a little biased) articles, taking into account the historical context of each game's release. I won't be going in any particular order (not chronologically or alphabetically), but rather I'll be writing articles as I am so inspired. I own over 150 DS games and have played them all, so I have enough to keep me going for quite some time.

    I appreciate your support and readership if you are at all interested in following along, and I welcome comments, suggestions and article requests. Also, if you like this idea, please share it with friends! :D

    Website: dsarchive.com
    FB Page: facebook.com/dsarchive
    Twitter: twitter.com/TheDSarchive
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    Sep 19, 2013
    greetings dave... you need staff's permition to advertise your website as stated by the forum rules (that you most likely skipped over)

    your blog is still young but it seems cool and i will keep in touch with that project..
    and would love to get a post about which games are your favorite and that you reccomend...
    please ask staff permition so you can talk about your blog..
    staff can be contacted here https://gbatemp.net/staff/
    (send a private message to 2 or 3 persons since some of them are kinda away and can't answer you quickly, or simply don't read PMs)

    PS: funny how your blog theme is called gateway and it is not related to the 3ds flashcart
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    I sincerely apologize! That makes perfect sense, and I should have thought about that first.