DS4 on ps3 desync issues?

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  1. leonmagnus99

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    Apr 2, 2013
    Hey guys , I'm having this new issue with my DS4 connecting to my ps3.

    so i firstly connected it by pressing Share+Home button to have the led bar flash rapidly and then registered it as a Bluetooth device (connected it with usb on my ps3).

    registers fine and plays wirelessly just fine but the thing is lately as soon as i turn off my ps3 and then if i were to want to turn it back on later, my DS4 just won't turn it on and needs to go through registration again which is very hassly.

    it didn't use to be like this, like i always could just simply turn my ps3 on with the DS4 (but always have to use my DS3 to exit from a game the DS4 while in game ps button does not work).

    anyways, could someone please tell me how i could get rid of this issue/how to fix it?
    my ps3 is on rogero cfw.
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    Jan 10, 2016
    Not too sure what to answer, but wait you can do this?
  3. leonmagnus99

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    Apr 2, 2013
    of course mate.
    the ds4 is compatible with ps3.
    you can play most of the ps3 games with the ds4.

    but the syncing sucks, as it sometimes needs reregistration.
    to connect it simply go to accessory settings/manage Bluetooth devices add new Bluetooth device
    then press and hold Share+PS Button for a few seconds until you see the led of the ds4 blinking, then simply connect ds4 with usb and your done. (after you connect the ds4 press its home button and select connect you see on the screen and you can start using it wirelessly).

    i wish it had 100% full compatibility, because the ds3 feels cheap af. in the hands compared to the ds4.

    edit: my ds4 works as it should again after i reset it, i hope i won't have to do this every time it runs out of charge (i believe that's what caused the desync for me this time).
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    Ohh, I didn't thought about syncing it using Bluetooth.
    I always used it wired from USB.

    I also prefer the DS4, but still need DS3 for the PS button.
    I noticed some games had issue (Right stick not working for moving camera ? or maybe I'm having memory issues and only the PS button didn't work)