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    For some reason, every single homebrew that requires connecting to Wi-Fi doesn't work for me.

    IRCDS, Ds2key, etc...

    I tried placing it in _dstwoplug, but to no avail.
    I could try it on my cycloDS, i suppose.

    edit: nvm that, finally got it to work.

    For anyone who has problems, using v1.01 of ds2key and changing the ip to make it connect to my computer's IP adress worked.
    I had found a guide that said we had to use v0.7 or v0.6, but those two never worked.
    However, I used the configuration I used with 0.6, but with 1.01 and it worked perfectly.

    I also noticed that if the AP is set to "hidden" in the router's settings, it won'T recognize it for whatever reason.

    Now playing Master Quest on Project 64 using my DS as the controller [​IMG]
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