DS Lite not charging

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    Jul 22, 2009
    So I've modded a DS lite, not my first one or anything, so I'm not a total noob at this. Modding turned out ok, nothing broke and all features work fine, the DS turns on and plays games (GBA and DS), all screens work, sound works, touch screen works, everything is perfect EXCEPT, it won't charge! It won't charge when you plug it while turned off, and it won't charge when you have it plugged in while turned on.

    I've already tried different batteries, different chargers and different wall outlets, same problem.

    I've read up on this, and it seems like it would either be a blown fuse, or an improperly connected touch screen. Now the fuses were fine before I took it apart and it charged ok then, so I don't know how a fuse could've blown when the thing wasn't even on. I'm leaning towards the touchscreen explanation, but it sounds a little farfetched since the touchscreen itself works just fine.

    Anyone ever experience this? Thanks in advance!
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    I'll go with the fuse option - check those first
    I had something similar - I didn't MOD the DS, I had to strip it down to replace the volume slider button (somehow it came away from the actual slider - it slid but no volume change)

    When I put it back together & plugged in a card to play - the next time I came to charge - it wouldn't
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    Did you check the fuses with a multimeter? If they come back fine, then you should prolly look into other issues, but that would be your first step.