Gaming DS Lite does not turn on - not a blown fuse


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May 10, 2012
Hello. I think it is the first time I post here :)

Straight to the point - I got a broken DS Lite from my friend. It doesn't turn on, and I'm out of ideas where to look for the source of problems. Here's whad I have checked:
-Both fuses are OK
-Power socket, battery and charger are OK
-Voltage regulator is OK as well (3,5V on the test pads when the battery is inserted)
-Power switch is OK
-Both screens, the touch panel and WiFi module are OK

When I plug the charger, orange light flashes for about half a second, then turns off. Also, if a charger is plugged, after pushing the power switch the green diode lights up for a short moment, then changes to red, and after a fraction of a second turns off. I looked around the mainboard, checked some things with the multimeter, and it appears that there is no current flowing through the battery fuse at all (I bridged it with amperometer). Connecting and disconnecting different WiFi modules and/or screens doesn't change anything. I'm really out of ideas.
I'd really appreciate any hint you could give. If I fix it, I'll post photos and a detailed tutorial about it, so that others might fix it some day:)

PS. Some guides on teh internetz say that L2 and L4 inductor might be broken. Well, it looks OK, current flows through, but I'm not sure how to check it - I have no possibility to check inductance with my multimeter.

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