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    DS App Studio
    NEW DS Coding Application

    DS App Studio, by AwsomiSoft, is designed to make coding DS Homebrew easier for beginners. The project incorporates its own "language" called DSAL (DS Application Language). The project will not include any 3D development tools. For more information and a download check the project post, linked below.

    [​IMG] Project Post
    [​IMG] Source
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    where would u learn the DSAL? i didnt find the tutorial of using it on their website... maybe i need to look harder
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    This doesn't look significantly easier than just learning C and doing it the way homebrew devs already do. Certainly, it looks much less powerful.
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    Oh, when will we get a decent text editing app?
    DPad+buttons as input, ability to use .txt files, doesn't have to be msoffice, but just so that one can write as much as they please, whether it be a grocery list, to the entire US Constitution. /offtopic

    This tool would be useful, if not for it's own language code, learning it would prove difficult, as stated by shakirmoledina. The lack of DSAL documentation(that's not a long chat by it's developers) makes it no easier for beginners...
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    Straight from the forums:
    Not really something I look forward to, especially since he has changed the programming language several times in between versions. It would be nice if he would make the actual programming language FIRST before making the homebrew software, because that's what it's all about.

    Now do not think I'm bashing him, I mean it's a cool idea and it takes a long time to make this. But he should've considered making the programming language first instead of making the homebrew first because learning a programming language can be very VERY hard...
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    Shouldn't it be "awsomasoft@gmail.com"?
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