DS App Studio homebrew compatible with Nintendo DSi

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    Hi All!

    I just contacted the guy who is developing the CycloDS, which is a flash-cart that allows homebrew to be played on the Nintendo DSi. DS App Studio will be able to make homebrew fo the DSi, even using the camera function and other Nintendo DSi functions.

    Of course, since the development kit only works with the CycloDS flash-cart. you will need to buy a CycloDS flashcart in order for the functions to work on the homebrew from DS App Studio if you use the Nintendo DSi functions(in the Tools | Preferences in DS App Studio, there will be an option saying 'Allow Nintendo DSi functions')

    Here are some questions regarding the following information:

    I thought DS App Studio was for only the Nintendo DS?

    Hence the fact that it is called DS App Studio not DSLite App Studio, DS App Studio is being developed to develop homebrew for all Nintendo DS versions(maybe the Nintendo 3DS)

    Could it be possible to allow users to implement a function checking if the version is a DSi or not?

    Yes, we will be adding that once we get the development kit. Since users may want to implement DSi functions that work for some versions but not others, we will be adding that function. The following code will be added once we are done with inserting Nintendo DSi functionallity:
    Some of the code may change, but that is the main idea.

    Contact Us for more information. contact@awsomisoft.com