DS #2946: Tim Power Firefighter (Europe)

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    So he's known as Jake in the States, and of the nine Nationalities in the (E) version he's known as Tim in the UK and Italy(?) and Sam in the rest.

    Not that my life depends on it, nor am I losing sleep over it, but does anyone have any ideas why?

    All factual answers are welcome, all made up answers are also welcome as long as you pretend that they're factual. Anyone answering must call themselves Doctor or Professor to be taken seriously.

    Just had a very quick go of this and it'll probably entertain young kids 3-6. Very colourful, not that complicated.

    Although the first level (look out spoilers) involves a family calling the fire station because their son can't blow out the candles on his birthday cake. Which isn't the best way to teach kids not to call the emergency services for no reason.

    You first have to drive to the destination, but you have to collect stars before it'll appear. You can also use your siren a limited number of times to clear all the car out of the way, once you've got enough stars, you have to blow out the candles with a fire extinguisher, which will leave the cake inedible and the house a mess, but that'll teach them to call the fire services for no fucking reason.
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    another waste of resources and time but hey get it if u have a kid who likes cute games