"Dragonball: Origins" model extraction help

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by satopunch89, Aug 19, 2014.

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    I'm new to most things related to hacking, but I've messed around with some gamecube stuff before which went pretty well.

    I'm trying to extract all the character models from the game mentioned in the title. The most likely place seemed to be under the "character" section when viewing the rom in Console Tool, which leads me to a motion folder which has it's own subfolders for every character featured in game.

    Now I can't be sure if there are the models I want or not until I open them, however I'm unable to do that because they use the .dse file type, which I've never come across before. Any ideas how I can open it?

    Example picture attached for clarity.

    Edit: The game contains .chr, .bin, .dse, .fnt, .map, .dsez, .dsdz and .dsf files. Not sure what does what :P

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    3d models on the DS are normally in NSBMD format (textures being NSBTX and animations being NSBCA), with the whole thing being basically a subset/fork of the BMD/BMD0 format seen earlier on the gamecube and later on the Wii. However there are several alternative 3d formats that have been seen on the DS, unfortunately for you the NSBMD format is about the only one to be reverse engineered at any real level (and it is not great there either, though there is a lot you can do).
    All that means if you want it and it is not NSBMD then you are probably going to be learning the DS 3d hardware (which is reasonably well documented http://problemkaputt.de/gbatek.htm#ds3dvideo ), the basic concepts of 3d graphics and then fiddling lots. Now no$gba debug is free though you have nice things there.

    It could still be that there are nsbmd files within archive files. --.dsez, .dsdz and .dsf files are not formats that have any real meaning for me right now and DS programmers seemed to love their custom archives. I have also seen NSBMD files have different extensions at various points in time.
  3. Unico

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    I'm looking into this right now. Those are probably animation files given the folder. I'm trying to check the BIN file. If anyone knows how to extract it, there might be normal filetypes in there.
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