Dragon Quest 9 skill point allocation

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  1. CookiesMilk

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    Jun 27, 2010
    How do you guys allocate those acquired skill points? Sword, whip, fan skill etc... If I allocated some skill points on sword and I uses fan wouldn't it be a major waste ?_? Oh yeah, can the skill points be resetted once its allocated?
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    May 27, 2008
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    skill points can't be resetted after you had assign them
    maybe you can use the save editor to assist you on some degree

    i don't think its a major waste if you concentrate your skill point on one skills only
    after all the following skill might also be part of another job [​IMG]
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    There isn't really any reason you'd need to reset skill points other than wanting to cheat. They give you more than enough points to max out almost all the jobs, if you level up all classes to 99. On top of that, your class can be reset back to 1 once you hit 99 with any class and you can do it 10 times per class.

    The amount of total points need to max out all skills is 2600, you can get 2400 for all classes hitting 99 (200 per class), with 200 per class and revocation you can get 2000 for just a single class reaching max revocation. Essentially, this game makes it so that there's no right or wrong way to make your character. You can however optimize your character by focusing on jobs that you want and putting points into skills that are cross-class i.e. swords for ministrel/warrior/thief.

    If you really need points because you screwed up, you can always switch to another class that you know you won't use i.e. if you plan on being a warrior but not a mage, and farm the points from that class to use on the warrior build instead.
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    you can find one building tips here