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  1. Spawnkiller

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    Jan 25, 2010
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    Hi all, looks like my 1st post was too complicated,
    so i try to make it simple:

    Problem: if you quicksave in Dragon Quest IV the game forces you to shutdown the NDS.
    What i need/want: (if possible) a software reset to the start screen
    or a way to avoid the shutdown sequence to contiune the game.

    Please could some one tell me how to write such a programm (ARDS),
    or would be so kind and make me the codes that manage that.

    2nd question:

    ill try to make a code to switch on and off the random battle,
    problem i dont know how to use the if loops corretly [​IMG]

    got my infos about the ARDS operation codes form this site:

    but i looks like i'm not able to write a program to switch on the RND battle again.

    Thats the general code to switch off the RND battle:
    120C761C 00001C00

    I monitored the adress 020C7610:

    the bytes at 020c761 c & d are changing randomly as long as you move (use dpad)
    the bytes at 020c761 e & f stay 00 00 along as no battle happends,
    they turn FF FF when the battle starts (-> change to battle screen)
    and turn 00 00 again when the battle has ended (-> back at world screen again)

    problem i dont know how to write the programm that way so the the bytes at
    0120C76 C to F wont be overwritten again (so RND Battle works again).

    would be nice if some one could write me that code, or better tell me how it is done properly [​IMG]

    greetings Spawnkiller
  2. connor_walsh

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    Sep 13, 2009
    cheats.gbatemp.net/forum heres a good place for requesting and making cheat codes has some guides aswell

    on/off codes can be made using this template

    No Random Battles Select+UP/Normal Battles Select+ Down
    92?????? 00000001
  3. Spawnkiller

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    Jan 25, 2010
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    thx very much for the info and the link [​IMG]

    works perfectly now! -> [​IMG]

    had the same idea with a byte counter, but my programm was much to complicated and the construction was wrong [​IMG]

    if some one wants to help me, or just want to see any progress, quick save hack request is now at cheats.gbatemp.net: